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about us

Export Route was established in 2015 as a construction company under the name Hanedanoğlu. It initially started in the field of construction and grew steadily by specializing in the fields of import, export and petroleum respectively. Our main sectors are construction, oil and import export. Our categories in import and export are divided into various groups: medical products, textile, agriculture, machinery and mining. In these sectors, 24/7 service is provided to create customer potential and projects according to the demands of the companies. Until today, we have tried to support many companies in their advertisements and promotions. During these processes, we realized that the most difficult issue for a company; To be able to express himself in the most correct way to the most appropriate audience rather than continuing his activities in the sector he serves. In short, Export Route is to create the right audience and the right customer potential. Because; Before everything; "We really love our job." Maybe this is the only and only reason for our success. Because we know that; but when you love a job, you work to improve yourself and be more successful in that field. There is no commission or rate on any product sold. The Export Route earns its income entirely from continuity. This offers customers a commission-free raw product price. It can reach quality customers all over the world. You can push your limits in import and export. Most importantly, you can reach the right buyer and the right seller.